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MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd have business contract with KE, OZ and global Carrier companies. We provide direct flight route and T/S flight offer together so client can choice which service type use. Which type service choice by client, our air frieght service can fast and accurate transport to destination.
FCL / Full Container Load cargoes OCEAN FREIGHT
MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd make service contract with Korea & overseas flag shipping companise so choice best shipping schedule check and choice, between Seller's scheduled production plan and Buyer's request.
LCL / Less than Container Load cargoes OCEAN FREIGHT
MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd provide consol service with LCL consolidation company. If client goods cannot make FCL, we offer LCL consolidation company's fixed LCL shipping schedule. Client can use cheap and optimised condition shipping schedule.
If client's cargoes cannot use flatrack / opentop container, client can use MIR INTERNATIONAL's bulk shipping service. We can catch and provide regular / irregular liner's bulkship schedule.
Client's export/import goods can make damage or lost so MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd use wingbody truck & cango van truck. We are always crosscheck between client and trucker. Truck & driver data information to client, and cargoes correct information to driver so both side can check same informations match or not at client's factory or client's designate pick-up area.
And, we are provide B2B inland trucking service for client with specialized truck company.
MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd's client can provide that compare costs depending on different delivery methods and client can select optimumly designed import or export logistics delivery methods.
Client can select import/export logistics optimum delivery methods. And, we are provide too that FTA license acquirement consulting, factory relocation, client trade division's staff logistics training.
MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd is U.S. Chubb Federal Insurance Company's cargo insurance contractor in Korea. We can processing from cargo insurance entry to compensation for damages en bloc.
MIR INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd is business contact with located at Pusan port, Incheon port, ICN airport and Pyungteak port warehouse, it use to client & partners’ export/import cargo custody and shipment. All warehouse can safty cargo custody because they have security system and access records.
Based on the regulations on packing to export locations, the suitable packing for the target products is determined. We perform actual measurement for cargo, delivery to packing site, and packing cargo in order. When precise machinery, heavy freight, etc. are difficult to be delivered to packing site, the packing team performs ‘visit and packing’. The process of packing will be filmed to provide. We deliver products safety to shipping- designated site after packing confirmation.
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